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Tom Cruise strange story about crashing Kate Hudson's party +full story

Tom Cruise went ahead and hopped a fence just to see what was going on at Kate Hudson's party. What’s funny is that he wasn’t even invited!

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Tom Cruise went to Kate Hudson's party without being invited. How? Kate Hudson came from acting royalty before making a name for herself in the business. Her background has led to plenty of interesting moments, and she has even opened up about some of them as time has gone by. One story involving Tom Cruise really caught the attention of people.

Let’s look at what happened when Tom Cruise crashed Kate Hudson’s party!


Hudson Threw An Out Of Control Party

Hudson Threw An Out Of Control Party

Coming from a famous family means coming from wealth and success, and as it were, Kate and Oliver Hudson come from a showbiz family that has done well over the years. During one evening with their parents out of town, Kate and Oliver decided to throw a rager of a party.

Now, it should be noted that things can get out of hand at parties, especially in L.A. where the rich and famous dwell. Kate and Oliver Hudson are the children of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and they made sure to wait until their parents had taken off to have a little bit of fun at home. Turns out, the duo would get far more than they bargained for that fateful evening.

When speaking with Ellen, Kate Hudson would open up about the night that she has yet to forget.

Hudson would say, “I just always wanted to make sure everything worked out OK. I’m standing at the door making sure that people who aren’t supposed to be at the party aren’t coming in — there’s like 400 people at my parent’s house.”

That’s right, several hundred people made their way to Kate and Oliver’s party! Most of us get a chance to go to a decent sized party at some point, but an event of this magnitude in a house is just ridiculous.

As Kate would soon see, this wasn’t even the weirdest thing that happened that evening.


Tom Cruise Scales A Fence To Get In

Tom Cruise Scales A Fence To Get In

Kate and Oliver Hudson had found themselves hosting a party that literally hundreds of people were trying to get into. Eventually, Kate would notice something weird going on that took her attention away from the festivities.

Kate would tell Ellen, “I see someone scaling, literally scaling, an eight-foot gate at my parents' house. I'm literally freaking out. They come off and do a back handspring thing. I'm about to yell at this guy, and it's Tom Cruise!”

That’s right, Tom Cruise went ahead and hopped a fence just to see what was going on at this wild party. What’s funny is that he wasn’t even invited! Just imagine having some fun and then Tom Cruise is climbing your fence just to come hang out for a while.

Hudson would elaborate, saying. “And I was like, 'Oh, I didn't realize you were coming to our party.' He was like, 'I heard there was a party.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, Tom, come on in!' He is Mission: Impossible! It was wild.”

Clearly, Hudson was a good sport about it all. Then again, who would really be bothered about Tom Cruise trying to go to their party?

Not only would Kate Hudson open up about her infamous run-in with Tom Cruise, but she would also talk about a childhood crush she once had.


Hudson Used To Crush On Cruise

Hudson Used To Crush On Cruise

Now that we have all the details about Tom Cruise crashing Kate Hudson’s party, we should also look into another reason why this scenario had to be hilarious for Hudson. As fate would have it, she happened to have a crush on Tom Cruise back when she was growing up.

When speaking with Graham Norton back in 2011, Kate Hudson would talk about the massive crush that she had on the movie star. All it took was seeing him in one movie and she was hooked.

Hudson would tell Norton, “I was just crazy about him.”

Hudson would continue, saying, “I remember I was watching it, I was really little, and I was like, 'Oh my God.' I went back and I re-wound it.”

Hudson and Tom Cruise never dated, but it is still funny to see what happened between them. This has to be one of the weirdest and funniest Hollywood tales, and we are sure that Hudson has plenty more where that story came from.





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