چهره جدید و باورنکردنی مدونا با موهای صورتی در 60 سالگی + عکس

Madonna looks unrecognizable in series of new selfies with pink hair at 60s+pics

Madonna can successfully pull off pink hair in her early 60s, setting the bar very, very high for future generations.

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Madonna has reigned over the kingdom of music for well over 4 decades, and has proven that she's here to stay, and cannot be replaced.

In spite of her long-spanning and wildly successful musical career, Madonna has been dominating in other areas as well. She's been outspoken when it comes to her views on equality in all forms, advocating loudly for the rights of the LGBTQ community, and the rights of Black Americans on a continued basis.


She's also been credited for her incredible dance skills and her ability to completely transform and transition her appearance, branding and rebranding her image repeatedly  over the years, and showing the world that risks are meant to be taken.


Madonna, Reimagined. Again.

We've seen many looks and different transformations from Madonna over the years. She has done everything from the tomboy look to the pirate patch, and everything in between. This time, at the age of 62, Madonna has gone and done it again... successfully.

In recent days, Madonna has dyed her hair pink, but before you squirm and take on a tone of ageism at the mere thought of a 62-year-old woman with pink hair, we should probably mention that she rocks the look, making 62 appear to be the new 30! Somewhere along the way,  Madonna seems to have found the fountain of youth. Her flawless skin is taut and glowing, and is perfectly paired with her brand new, hot pink hair. She has a Gwen Stefani sort of vibe going on, and her fans are in awe of her perfection.


Madonna can successfully pull off pink hair in her early 60s, setting the bar very, very high for future generations.


Pink Hair, Don't Care

Fans are mesmerized by Madonna's look yet again, populating her page with comments such as; "Loving this new look!", and "haircut is giving her new life." The most common posts include "love the hair," "gorgeous," and "queen."


Pink hair, don't care... nothing will stop Madonna from portraying herself in the youthful way that seems to exude from the inside out. Fans are lapping up this new look and crediting Madonna with being a true trailblazer. "One of the most beautiful, most talented and most wonderful people in existence. Thank you for everything. Artists and people can only live and crawl in your footsteps."

Even at age 62, Madonna can switch up her look and take big risks with pink hair with huge success. Never once faltering, every style she creates becomes an iconic time-stamp of her fashion domination.





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