Paris Hilton's 'real voice' shocks fans+photo

Paris Hilton has just released her new documentary, and it reveals her true self behind the barbie girl facade – but fans are really shocked by her ‘real voice’.

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Paris Hilton fans have been left shocked after hearing the star’s ‘real voice’ for the first time in her new documentary.

The 39-year-old has just released her brand new documentary This Is Paris and in it, the star shares an unfiltered look at her life for the first time ever.

In the opening moments of the documentary, Paris can be heard joking about what her ‘real voice’ is and it left fans shocked.


Far from the ‘ditsy blonde’ persona she built over the years, Paris quickly reveals herself to sound a lot different from the days that were ‘so hot’.

Yes, the star shared that the baby voice we associate with the star is actually just a carefully crafted part of that persona.

‘This entire time, I have been playing a character, so the world has never truly known who I am,’ she said in an interview.


‘The real me is someone who is actually brilliant,’ she added.

‘I’m not a dumb blonde, I’m just really good at pretending to be one.

‘I don’t want to be remembered for some airhead, but the businesswoman I am.’

Viewers quickly shared her disbelief at hearing the heiress’ real voice.

‘So, she’s been putting on that baby voice for the past twenty years? Man, what an effort that must have been,’ one viewer said.


‘What in the name of god? I was not expecting that when I turned on her interview this morning.’

Paris is revealing her true self in her new documentary This Is Paris which just landed on YouTube this week.

The star openly discusses some of her personal trauma over the years including abuse she suffered when she was younger.




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