Taylor Swift's Handmade Gift for Gigi Hadid's Baby +pics

Taylor Swift's gift for Gigi Hadid's baby was doubtless one of the bests. Because she did it with her hands.

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Taylor Swift's gift for Gigi Hadid's baby was doubtless one of the bests. Why? Because she did it with her  hands! Can you guess what it is?

We don't know the name of the baby girl yet, but we do know that she is the most pampered one. Many celebrities sent to her some incredible gifts.


  • The daughter of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik was born on September 23 of this year. 
  • Taylor and Gigi are friends since 2014.
  • The 25-year-old mum shared some gifts that her baby received in her Instagram stories.




On September 23, the supermodel and the pop singer welcomed their first baby into this world. Both proud parents shared some loving messages into their social network accounts. 


There were tons of kind wishes from their families and their celebrities friends too. Gigi's father left the sweetest message at her post by saying that his heart belongs to the little girl.


Taylor Swift and Gigi

Besides the messages, the newborn and her parents received lots of presents. Some artists like Zendaya sent flowers to the new mum, and others sent incredible gifts to the baby.


Gigi shared an Instagram story in which we could see her daughter lying in bed wearing a white shirt featuring the Versace logo, and with a pink blanket covering her.



Gigi's Instagram story. Source: Instagram

"From auntie @donatella_versace," she tagged the shirt, then added over the blanket, "& auntie @taylorswift made this!!" the Taylor Swift wrote on the picture.


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This baby is for sure one of the luckiest ones in the world. We are absolutely charmed with Taylor's attitude of doing a gift herself to her friend's little girl.



Gigi and Taylor Swift on the streets of Manhattan

We think that handmade presents are the best ones because are the most customized and people are also giving much of their time to you. What do you think about handmade gifts?





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