Britney Spears' father wants Spears company to check her finances +photos

Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears seems to give a last try before the proceedings. He wants Spears company to check her finances.

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Britney Spears' father, Jamie Spears, seems to give a last try before the proceedings. The conservatorship battle between the daughter and father continued and it seems that the duo might give each other freedom.

Britney Spears is currently fighting against her own father in order to remove him from her conservatorship of twelve years. She seemed to have a small win on Oct. 14 when the petition request by the singer to add more experts in her legal team was accepted.


During the last hearing, Britney Spears didn't make it to the court while her father, mother, Lynne Spears, and attorney Samuel Ingham attended the hearing. Before the hearing, Geraldine Wyle, Jamie's lawyer, made another attempt in order to block the permission already issued by the court to expand the legal team.

In the documents submitted to the court, Bessemer Trust Company that Spears wants to become a single conservator and the singer's father wants to settle. Jamie wanted to co-conservator with the company. His daughter wanted the entire right to go regarding the real estate.


"Continue to make progress in reaching a concrete and workable understanding with regard to fees and the structure of the ongoing estate administration," Wyle stated in the legal papers. In the last week's hearing, Spears' legal team made it clear in the documents filed that the singer's future vision and her father's vision does not align together.

According to her father's vision, the singer should leave the estate completely under him and focus only on performing. In the hearing that took place in Los Angeles where all parties were present through video call, Jamie's lawyers requested that Spears should also attend the court proceedings.


However, the counter lawyers rejected the request and explained that it is not necessary for the Britney Spears to attend these hearings. Ingham said that he is the only source of public pleadings that his client wants to share.


The statement was made in the context of a previous argument made on Spears' lawyers to not reflecting correctly on the singer's statements and it would be better if Britney Spears appears herself in the court for clarification.

At that time, Ingham replied to the counter legal team that they have another agenda behind calling the singer in the courtroom. It seems to be quite evident that the conservatives have a lack of legal team capacity to file “verified declarations”.



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