Justin Bieber and Issa Rae are pumped for Their 'Saturday Night Live' Appearances in new promo +pics

Justin Bieber and Issa Rae have made their way to Rockefeller Center's legendary Studio 8H stage.

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Justin Bieber has made his way to the legendary stage, Studio 8H in Rockefeller Center along with Issa Rae. The first video promotion of the 35-year-old actress with the 26-year-old singer and songwriter of the Saturday Night Live episode has been officially dropped on social media.

While the Under the Mistletoe Justin Bieber donned a yellow mask on his face along with a colorful, stylish shirt, the Awkward Black Girl star looked stunning in her lime green outfit made out of satin. Issa Rae had a face shield that complimented her look pretty well.


Rae started the dialogue and introduced herself while stating that she will be hosting the show Saturday Night Live along with a guest, Justin Bieber. The singer also added a witty comment that viewers might not see the big smile he had under the face but he assured fans that he is extremely excited.

However, Rae added to Justin Bieber 's joked and said that she couldn't see it, but she could definitely feel it. The singer started the rehearsals of the show from Oct. 15 onwards as per the ET report. The show has ensured that every person working on the show on-screen or off-screen is going through daily coronavirus tests and officers of COVID compliance working on the sets to ensure that everyone is following the social distancing rules the guidelines.


This episode of SNL will mark the debut for Rae when it comes to hosting the show. On the other hand, the singer will appear on the SNL for the fourth time. Previously, the Holy singer had performed on Intentions and Yummy on the show earlier this year.

At the beginning of the week, the show's official Instagram account shared a picture of Insecure creator and Rae going through a read-through process before the show. This season will mark the 46th year for the show, which was kicked off by Megan Thee Stallion's performance and Chris Rock hosting the opening.


The show also marked crew and cast of the show returning after the lockdown started in March. The show ensured that the safety measures are kept intact while the audience member present in the studio will be limited during the taping of the premiere. This season has recently made news for Jim Carrey portraying as former Vice President Joe Biden and it took social media by a storm.





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