10 Beautiful Taylor Swift Tattoos and their Meanings + photos

Top 10 Taylor Swift Tattoos with their Meanings that you will love to ink

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Taylor Swift is not just an artist, she’s a Goddess. Her fans worship her and tattoos are just a simple representation of proving how she’s changed so many lives. Her music is relatable to everyone but especially most girls and being a fan girl myself, I can’t knock the idea because I know what she means to most of her fans. Now, you would think that tattoos of Taylor Swift are mostly the lyrics of her songs that mean something to someone but no. People all over the world have even gotten her face tattooed on their bodies. Talk about extreme. I must say I’m not as crazy as getting someone’s face on my arm but I wouldn’t mind a few lyrics that’ll remind me why I love Taylor so much. Here’s a list of 10 popular Taylor Swift Tattoos That’ll Have You Wondering Why You Don’t Have Them Yourself.


Taylor Swift is pretty much every girl redefined. She knows our deepest, darkest secrets and pens them into songs, turning them into Billboard chart hits. And we feel like she’s singing our diary out to us. You don’t have to be an extreme Taylor Swift fan to get a tattoo of hers on your body. You could be a medium one like me and still appreciate the designs. Don’t let people judge you because as Tay-tay says, Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate…




Some basic facts before you get a T-Swift tramp stamp:

Get the spelling correct, you don’t need a wrong spelled tattoo permanently etched on your skin.

Google the lyrics. Numerous times I have sung along wrong lyrics and that’s okay but you don’t want your tattoo to say All the lonely Starbucks lovers instead of Got a long list of ex-lovers.

Now that we’ve established these ground rules, let’s get this show on the road. She has got a lot of fake tattoos to promote her videos from time to time but some of them are real tattoos too. She usually sports her tattoos on her left wrist and right hand.




List of Top Ten Beautiful Tattoos of Taylor Swift with their Meanings

1 – Lucky No.13

Even a non-Tay fan knows what 13 means to her. Her birthday is December 13, 1989 for those who had no clue. 13 is also her lucky number and if you’ve been paying any attention, you would know that she writes 13 on some part of her body at every concert.

Now I’m not so lucky to have attended one of her concerts but I’ve seen them in pictures and YouTube. So if it means something to her, it means the world to her fans. This’ll just be a reminder of how lucky Taylor makes you feel.





2 – Viral tattoo 1989

Taylor pretty much broke the Internet with her viral caption ‘1989’. She posted a picture of herself on a polaroid photo with the caption T. S. 1989. The best tattoo by taylow swift ever. Now here’s the fun part. You could either tattoo the same i.e. her birth year on your body or you can do yours. For example; if I did mine it would be A. C. 1996. This way it’ll mean something to you and also have a part of Tay-tay in it.




3 – Symbols as tattoos

Lyrics are one thing but you can even take the lyrics literally and turn them into symbols. Best part of doing this is you can have a tattoo that can mean anything, not just T-Swift and people will not pester you with stupid questions about being a cliche. I know this sounds confusing so I’ll present you an example. When Taylor Swift released her Out of the Woods video, it was like a bomb detonated on all her fans. All the feels were blasted into our face and I personally felt overwhelmed. Taylor does that to you.

The song, if you’ve heard it, goes something like this; Two paper airplanes flying, flying, flying…



or this





4 –  Begin Again by Tay

I remember listening to this song after my first break up and my mother didn’t even have to buy me ice-cream because Taylor Swift had done the job in just one song. She mends every broken heart out there and I’m sure you feel the same.

The words ‘Begin Again’ may not just mean a new beginning after a break up but also a new beginning after anything. It depends on you. That’s the best part of these T-Swift tattoos, they all depend on you.




5 – Taylor Swift quotes

Taylor Swift not only writes beautiful songs but also speaks beautiful words. One of them is; Never forget the essence of your spark. Now if this doesn’t convey everything that Taylor is, then I don’t know what does.

Everything about Taylor Swift is sparkly and wonderful and she wants her fans to shine just like she does. If you don’t know much Tay-tay quotes, Google is your friend. You can search the internet for a quote that’ll mean something to you and will also define you. There’s a whole lot to choose from.




6 – Her tattoos

I know Taylor doesn’t have any major tattoos but if you’ve stalked her the way I do, you’ll know that at every concert, she writes different quotes on her arms. These quotes are her own or mean something to her. They could mean something to you too. You could take a page out of her book and make it your own. She could be your inspiration.




7 – Long Live Lyrics tattoo

If you’re a part of the Swifties you’re bound to know that Long Live is their anthem. If you didn’t know this, I suggest you go listen to this song immediately. Every lyric in this song means something and you can literally use any lyric and make it your own. Again a very popular choice for taylor song lyrics tattoos.

“One day we will be remembered.”




8 – New Romantics Lyrics

Now I know almost all Taylor Swift songs touch our hearts in some way or the other but if you know T-Swift’s songwriting history, you’ll know that her songs are based on someone she once knew. You can include yourself in this list because Taylor’s New Romantics from the album 1989 is dedicated to all her fans.

Taylor Swift lyrics are like poetry and there’s nothing wrong with having poetry etched on your skin. And don’t let people vary your decision of getting a T-Swift tattoo. Shake it off, baby.




9 – Cat Tattoo

It’s not an unknown fact that Taylor Swift loves her cat. She even has two named after her favourite people; Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. Taylor Swift has also shown her love for cats by incorporating them in her wardrobe. You could take it a step further and get a cute little cat tattoo on your body. This is one of taylor swift’s most popular tattoos. If you’re a cat lover yourself, Could life get any better for you?





10 – Out of The Woods

“She lost him but found herself, and somehow, that was everything.”

In the end of Taylor’s Out of the Wood’s video this quote flashes in the end of the song. Now we’re guessing that this quote is a brief anecdote of the actual song and comes from Taylor’s personal experience. But I cannot begin to describe how beautiful this quote is. If you’ve ever felt yourself feel these words, I strongly suggest this quote as a tattoo. It’s the essence of T-Swift and could be the essence of you. A very beautiful T Swift tattoo, must say.

So there you have it, a list of the most popular Taylor Swift tattoos you didn’t know you needed until now. If you aren’t a Swiftie already, these tattoos and their meanings will compel you to become one. And the best part of these Swift tattoos is that you don’t have to be a TS fan to get them. They’re versatile and can mean anything you want them to mean. Furthermore I would suggest adding personal touches to the tattoo to make them more yours than Taylor’s. Taylor could be your inspiration but in the end it’s your skin you’re tattooing.


Which is your favourite taylor swift tattoo? Share your reviews with us.






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