Brad Pitt wants his kids for Christmas Day amid custody battle with Angelina Jolie +photos

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a date with a judge in Los Angeles in November to go over the particulars of how much time their kids spend with each parent for the holidays, according to an insider who dished to Us Weekly.

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Brad Pitt, reportedly, wants his five minor children to stay overnight at his home for the holidays.

According to Us Weekly, Brad Pitt is still waiting for the court’s ruling if his kids would be allowed to stay with him overnight on Christmas Day. But he has already been granted the opportunity to celebrate with his children on Dec. 25.

A source told the tabloid that the judge would decide on whether Pitt will be granted more custodial time with his kids by November.


But the actor and Angelina Jolie would face each other in court starting next Monday, Oct. 19. The A-listers are still fighting over the custody of their five children.

Us Weekly previously reported that Pitt wants equal custody of his and Jolie’s kids. However, the actress doesn’t want to settle with her ex-husband. And the only time she would do so is if their kids’ home base will no longer be Los Angeles.

The insider also said that Jolie has always been opposed to the fact that her kids are studying in Los Angeles. After all, she has always wanted to send them overseas.

However, her current custody agreement with Pitt prevents her from leaving the United States permanently. After all, the judge demanded Pitt to be given enough time with his children because his presence is, reportedly, crucial to their growth and development.


But despite the exes’ ongoing custody battle, Pitt and Jolie just want what’s best for their kids. And they are both confident that being in their children’s lives is what’s needed.

Meanwhile, there have also been ongoing rumors about Pitt and Jolie. According to New Idea, Pitt wants to drag his ex-wife in jail. After all, Jolie has seemingly been trying to delay their court proceedings.

After asking Judge John W. Ouderkirk to be removed from their custody case, Jolie received the devastating news that her request wasn’t granted. Still, the actress is trying to push for the motion again.


According to Daily Mail, Jolie is also trying to have two experts removed from the case. And one of them is a forensic psychologist that was assigned by the court to conduct child evaluations.



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