Nicki Minaj confirms she gave birth to a baby boy with gifts from celebrities +pics

Nicki Minaj announced her baby's gender in an Instagram post featuring notes and gifts she received from Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West among others.

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Nicki Minaj confirmed that she delivered a baby boy! Yes, the 37-year-old American-Trinidadian rapper who revealed that she and her husband, Kenneth Petty, welcomed their first kid but didn't mention the gender.

Fans were curious but respected the privacy the couple wanted to keep regarding the gender revelation. While the baby was delivered on Sept. 30, Minaj waited for fifteen days before she disclosed the gender on Oct. 15.


Nicki Minaj took social media to share a bunch of pictures that consist of gifts her little bundle of joy received from popular names such as Kim Kardashian West, Queen B, Winnie, Riccardo Tisci, Beyoncé, and Kanye West. The rapper thanked many celebrities in the caption and wrote further that these gifts meant the world to her.

The Right By My Side singer said that she is grateful to become a mother and now, she is in love with her son. She emphasized love and said that she is "madly" in love. Minaj further concluded the caption while addressing her little one as "liddo boy," who is her favorite in this entire world.

Last year in October, Minaj and her 42-year-old husband officially got married. She opened up about her marriage on Young Money Radio when she appeared on Lil Wayne's Apple Music series during summer.


The rapper revealed that she never thought that the marriage experience would be so calming and refreshing. However, her way of looking at marriage has changed big time. She further said that even if someone is not married, having a partner who understands and makes you feel at the top of the world is extremely important.

"Even if you're not married, when you have someone that feels like your soulmate or someone who understands you, it just makes you feel like you're on top of the world," she explained. Minaj is one of those rare celebrities who have been open about their will to become a mother.


In an interview with Complex, the rapper told in 2012 that she wants to get married and also have children in the next ten years. It seems the rapper predicted correctly that in 2022, she will definitely get married to someone and have two kids and later she added one more kid to the dream list. The rapper said that she needs at least one boy as she is really fond of having a little brother.



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