Salman Khan pays ailing actor Faraaz Khan's medical bills +pics

Salman Khan has come to help Faraaz Khan as he is battling for life in a hospital in Bengaluru after being diagnosed with a brain infection.

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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has come to the aid of actor Faraaz Khan and is paying all his medical bills.

Faraaz Khan has been in the ICU after suffering from herpes encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain. Previously, he had undergone treatment for lung infections.



“You are truly a great Human Being.” -Kashmera Shah on Salman

Posting a picture of the ‘Dabangg’ actor she wrote, “You are truly a great Human Being. Thank you for taking care of Faraaz Khan and his medical bills. Actor Faraaz Khan of Fareb fame is in critical condition and Salman has stood by his side and helped him like he helps so many others. I am and will always remain a true admirer. If people don’t like this post I don’t care. You have a choice to unfollow me. This is what I think and feel. I think he is the most genuine person I have ever met in this film industry @beingsalmankhan.”


Fahed Abousher, the brother of Faraaz Khan, thanked Salman for his very generous help. A TOI article revealed what Fahed had said. “It was very kind of Salman sir to call on us and foot Faraaz’s hospital bill. He spoke to me for 10 minutes, during which he not only inquired about Faraaz’s health, but also remembered my father (actor Yusuf Khan) and his respect for him. Salman also let us know that he is in touch with hospital authorities and asked us not to worry.“



Faraaz Khan

Fahed continued, “He is getting the best care possible now”. He also mentioned that besides acting, Faraaz had been pursuing his interests in music and horticulture, especially bonsai plants. “He has been keen on doing something related to growing bonsai plants, but his ill-health has been a little roadblock for him with regards to pursuing it fully.”

Prior to Salman Khan, actress Pooja Bhatt had shown her supportive spirit as she urged her followers on Twitter to contribute as well for Faraaz Khan’s treatment.

Pooja Bhatt also shared a link which directs the viewer to a fundraiser initiated by Faraaz Khan’s family member that’s collecting a total of INR 25 lakhs.



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