Cardi B accidentally posts private nude photo on Instagram +pics

Cardi B accidentally leaks nude photo on Instagram. Rapper immediately deleted post.

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Cardi B, the rapper posted a picture on her Instagram story where she was completely naked. We are pretty sure she wanted to send it to her ex-husband Offset who celebrated with her on her 28th birthday weekend in Las Vegas, but had an accident and it went public. Afterwards, she started trending in the United States and the world (obviously).


  • Cardi splashed thousands of dollars while celebrating her birthday.
  • Strippers, alcohol and party was involved.
  • Offset gave her a brand-new luxury Rolls-Royce car, Kylie Jenner a Birkin purse (from Hermes bag collection) worth over 100k and her friends got her money robes.
  • After realizing her mistake, she posted another story taking full responsibility for her actions. 



Welcome 2020, where weird stuff happens. We shouldn't be so alarmed taken into consideration that celebrities like Chris Rock, Mark Ruffalo and Chelsea Handler got naked to promote the voting in the upcoming presidential elections.

Also, let's remember that Cardi B used to be a stripper. There are probably several videos and photos with the rapper being naked and dancing.


Also, why is everybody so surprised seeing a nipple? Fans went crazy on Twitter with several memes and funny reactions as well:

Cardi B apparently wasn't a big supporter of the #Freethenipple movement. Anyways, back to our story.

She looks pretty drunk (who wouldn't be after partying in Vegas with your best friends?) and immediately posted another apologizing.


This was a weekend she won't certainly forget, and her fans as well. Strippers, money, luxury cars, twerking, alcohol and nude pictures. What else would any fan expect from their idol? 

Fans are supporting the artist by posting naked pictures of themselves on Twitter with the hashtag #BoobsOutForCardi and the rapper is reposting it on Twitter! 



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