Cardi B And Offset Reconciliation one month after divorce filing +pics

Cardi B and Offset are sparking reconciliation rumors after they passionately kissed at her 28th birthday.

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Rapper Cardi B celebrated her 28th birthday over the weekend, but what was more surprising is the antics that the ‘WAP’ rapper Offset was up to during the celebrations.

The rapper’s birthday celebration was a star-studded event with numerous other celebrities attending, such as Megan Thee Stallion, whom she recently collaborated with.

But what people were most surprised about was her ex-husband’s appearance during her birthday, and not just that, the recently divorced couple were very cozy with each other.


Videos from the celebration showed Cardi B rocking a gold and white gown, showing her infamous curves. The eye-popping ensemble looked amazing on the 28th-year-old rapper, and it seemed like her ex-husband, rapper Offset, can’t take his hands off her lovely body.

Cardi B And Offset were photographed, and videos of them kissing were published. Fans of Cardi are now confused about whether she is with Offset or no.

The pair also grinded outside of the club where Cardi threw her birthday bash, and both looked like they had the time of their life.

Offset also made a grand gesture to Cardi, gifting the ‘I Like It Like That’ rapper a new Rolls Royce truck that was pimped out, especially for her.


The leather car seats were embroidered with the name of their child, Kulture.

Offset has already gifted Cardi B a rented billboard in downtown Los Angeles, greeting the rapper and putting up a photo of her and Kulture.

It seems like there might be a reconciliation in the air for the two successful rappers. Cardi B and Offset made headlines after Cardi announced that she was divorcing Offest back on September 16.

Her reason was that they were fighting all the time, and she no longer loved the relationship.

Fans of Cardi believe that Offset cheated on her again, but Cardi has come to Offset’s defense, saying that she was not divorcing Offset because there was a third party involved but because they had outgrown each other.


Just yesterday, Offset was seen replying to a fan on Instagram that he was missing the ‘WAP’ rapper, pertaining to Cardi B.

People were quick to come for Offset, and the legions of Cardi fans commented on her recent posts on Instagram that she should be careful with Offset.

The on-and-off-again pair have weathered through some tough stuff, especially since Offset’s cheating scandals.

Cardi has yet to comment on the events that took place during her birthday last September 16.  



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