Kelly Clarkson Talks 'Horribly Sad' Feelings amid Divorce +photos

Kelly Clarkson opened up about her divorce from her (soon to be ex) husband, Brandon Blackstock.

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Kelly Clarkson has always been open with her followers and fans about her personal and professional life. Amid the difficult times of her ongoing divorce with her husband, Brandon Blackstock, the 38-year-old singer is keeping herself completely honest.

In the recent interview with ET, the singer and her fellow judge on The Voice, Gwen Stefani, opened up about the show's upcoming season while Clarkson spoke about her split with Blackstock. The couple was together for over seven years in marriage until Clarkson decided to seek a divorce in June.


The singer addressed the divorce for the first time publicly during the premiere of The Kelly Clarkson Show's second season and said that it was a surprise for her, including her fans and close friends. However, in the recent conversation with ET's Rachel Smith, she acknowledged that her fans never pressurized her to share personal life details. Still, she voluntarily wants to share to keep things transparent.

"Most managers and publicists get nervous with me because I am an open book and labels and people frowned upon it early on," she explained. Although Clarkson further said that she never does such things for others but herself. She explained how she came from a very small town and, as a result, she is used to letting everyone know about everything about her.


Kelly Clarkson said that she thinks if someone hides something that there might be something wrong happening while there is nothing wrong with her details, she believes in sharing with her fans. She admitted that life takes unexpected turns, and it makes people sad, but it happens.

The Behind These Hazel Eyes star said that she wants to share details of the divorce for her fans' sake, but it feels sensitive for people around her and how it will affect them, to be precise, her children.

The singer shares a 4-year-old son, Remington, and 6-year-old daughter, River, with Blackstock while the 43-year-old also has two more children, Seth and Savannah. Kelly Clarkson has been talking a lot about her children since the news broke out as she is concerned about her "little hearts" involved in the split.


However, she considers herself an "open book" when it comes to sharing her own life, but she also likes to protect her kids. The singer admitted that the last few months have been "horribly sad," but thanks to the pandemic helping her to think.



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