Zendaya wins Visionary Award as she is joined by Iman for Green Carpet Fashion Awards +pics

Zendaya wins the Visionary Award as she is joined by Robert Downey Jr. and Iman for the Green Carpet Fashion Awards for sustainable fashion.

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The fourth annual Green Carpet Fashion Awards took place in Milan on Saturday and welcomed none other than supermodel Iman to the virtual stage.

Iman announced that the Responsible Disruption Award would go to Progetto Quid’s Anna Fiscale, who founded the social enterprise which uses excess fabrics from leading fashion brands to create limited-edition clothing.



Fresh off an Emmy award win, US actress Zendaya nabbed the Visionary Award and showed up to the virtual event in a vintage Versace dress from 1996.



“Throughout my career I have had the privilege of being able to showcase different types of beauties. Through the work that I get to do, I hope that I get to continue to create more positions of power, until this industry really does reflect the beauty that I see every day,” Zendaya said





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