Paris Hilton demands for closure of Utah school after saying she suffered abuse +details & pics

Paris Hilton organized a protest in a park near Provo Canyon School, along with several hundreds of others who share stories of abuse they say they suffered there or at similar schools for troubled youth.

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YouTube released a documentary dubbed This Is Paris, revolving around the life of Paris Hilton. In the revealing film, the 39-year-old media personality recalls a traumatic experience linked to a youth treatment center, which she wants to be shut down for good.

The recently released YouTube documentary shows Paris Hilton differently from most people have seen in the past. In the film, she opens up about a traumatic history of being sent to a Canyon, Utah based behavior modification school when she was a teen.


Paris Hilton reveals she had a torturous experience during her eleven months at the school, where counselors went as far as checking teens' bathroom and shower use, in addition to verbally abusing them. To make things worse, she was put in solitary-confinement-style isolation.

Tattoo artist Kat Von D took to her Instagram account after watching the film to share a post. The businesswoman opened up about having a horrifyingly-similar experience when she was sent to Provo Canyon for 6 months, which she says gave her "major PTSD."


Paris Hilton's 'real voice' shocks fans+photo


The LA Ink star described that phase as the most traumatic six months of her life in the video she posted to her verified Instagram account. However, it is not only celebrities who have been speaking against the school. Been for 50 years, the facility has faced several allegations.


According to the Salt Lake Tribune, there is a pattern of allegations and controversy related to abuse, stretching from the 1980s to today at what is touted as Utah's largest youth residential treatment centers. Despite multiple lawsuits and the state threatening to pull its license, Provo Canyon continues to remain open.

Eight alums of Provo Canyon told the publication that they were subject to repeated physical restraints, with nearly ten staffers criticizing young children, with some being chemically sedated or so overmedicated that they felt like a zombie. Others said they were left in isolation for several days after getting in trouble for things like asking for an inhaler or not getting out of bed.


Provo Canyon released a statement on the website, claiming that the previous owners sold the school back in 2000, per Fox News. In the statement, the school claimed it is committed to offering high-quality care to teens that often have complex emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric needs.

It is worth noting these schools are for-profit institutions, meaning they are making money off of problematic teens and their parents' concern for them. Bringing her on-screen efforts to the real world, Paris Hilton recently led an in-person protest against Provo Canyon.



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