Kanye West wants his fans to elect him as president on ballots + pics

Kanye West was slammed Friday for encouraging fans to write him in for president on 2020 election ballots, potentially siphoning votes from Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

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Rapper Kanye West has not given up on his dreams of becoming the next president of America. In a bizarre tweet, the 43-year-old rapper sent today; he asked his fans to write him in as their president during the November Presidential election.

Kanye’s announcement of running for President first came to fruition back in July, but the rapper has already talked about his aspiration years before.

Several of his songs have connoted that he wants to be president in the future.




Although his announcement was not taken seriously by the millions of Americans, a legion of his fans have been hyping the rapper up.

Unfortunately, Kanye West fell short on time in his application to run for President, but that did not stop the rapper from doing a rally.


Kardashian-Jenner sisters afraid that Kanye West will reveal secrets of the family +details


The Grammy award-winning rapper did his first and only rally in Charleston, South Carolina. It was massive news around America, and Kanye West was seen to be donning a bulletproof vest preaching nonsense topics to those who attended the rally.

In his speech, the rapper talked about abortion and shared his personal story about it. He revealed, tears running down his face, that he and wife, reality TV star Kim Kardashian had plans to abort their first child, North West, who is now seven years old.




This created a massive rift between the couple and saw them living in separate states for a few weeks.

The rapper’s rebuttal to Kim’s cold treatment towards him after his ridiculous claim made during his rally was a twitter rant. He took a swipe at his wife and the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kris Jenner.

Several tweets were deemed out of line, even for family. He alleged that Kim Kardashian and mother, Kris Jenner, were planning to lock him away.

At this time, Kim had to release a statement regarding Kanye’s battle with mental disorder Bi-polar. According to the reality star, the rapper has been battling Bi-polar for quite some time.

She continued to share that there are often times the rapper does not take his medications, causing an uproar in his own home and those around him.



During his rally, the rapper was noticeably distress and kept on mumbling and jumping from one point to another. This was a sign that West had a manic episode.

Kim Kardashian-West then flew to Colorado to their farm, where she was pictured having a teary argument with her husband, Kanye.







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