Tom Cruise wants to work with Meghan Markle in his future projects +pics

According to a report, Tom Cruise want to have Megan Markle as his co-star in his new film. but the magazine forgot to say which role or film the actor had planned for Prince Harry's wife.

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Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood's most popular names, but he has been sharing screen space with many other talented actors. Is Cruise eyeing any particular star for his forthcoming projects?

Fans would remember that the movie A Few Good Men had renowned names like Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson while Brad Pitt was his co-star in another film titled Interview with the Vampire. 

Some tabloids have even started speculating who the actor would like to act with in his new films. For instance, a publication alleged last year that the Top Gun actor wished to have Reese Witherspoon as his co-star. 


Incidentally, Witherspoon had acted with Cruise’s former wife Nicole Kidman, in the TV series Big Little Lies. Cruise seemed interested in having the actor as his co-star as he was pretty impressed with her acting skills. 

However, a source told the outlet that Witherspoon was told not to work with Cruise because of her close bond with Kidman. The dubious insider stated that if the Bombshell actress gets even an inkling of this, she would be bitterly disappointed. 


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After all, she had shared with Reese about how pathetic she was with Cruise (via CNN). At the same time, the tipster indicated that business should be kept separate from friendship. 

However, a source close to Cruise said that the story was incorrect. It is interesting to note that Kidman had spoken about her relationship with her former husband. She hardly said that it was “miserable” how the publication would have liked to project their relationship. 


At the beginning of this year, there was another report, which insisted that Tom Cruise wanted to have Meghan Markle as his co-star in his new film. However, the magazine coolly forgot to mention which role or film the actor had in mind for Prince Harry’s wife. 

The report mentioned that Cruise was keen to work with the Duchess of Sussex as she was stepping down from her royal responsibilities. An insider added that the Mission Impossible star knows her potential and has seen how much the camera adores her. 

Here was a story with no details and simply a phony picture to draw the readers' attention. Plus, no other publications reported this story, which could have made such a big scoop. 


In July this year, another magazine reported that Chris Pratt would be teaming up with Cruise for a new movie. There were no details about the name of the film the duo would be acting in. 

While there is always a possibility of Tom Cruise and Chris Pratt coming together for an action film, it is not happening anytime soon, Gossip Cop reports.






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