why Nicole Kidman Shares she's 'so sad'? +details

Nicole Kidman reveals why she felt upset after her daughter Sunday received this exasperating news amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Nicole Kidman reveals about her family life amid the COVID-19 pandemic while giving one of her rare interviews.

The Big Little Lies actress revealed that she leads a “simple” lifestyle with Keith Urban and their two daughters – Sunday and Faith. The doting mom mentioned that Sunday is showing a keen interest to follow in her footsteps.

It seems her daughter is taking a deep interest in directing. She comes to the set quite often to watch her mom acting. Unfortunately, her 12-year-old daughter is unable to visit her on sets because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Nicole Kidman acknowledged that she felt sad for her daughter and expressed her frustration with the pandemic. Kidman mentioned that Sunday has to follow the COVID protocols and cannot visit her on set any longer.

The actress expressed her anguish over not able to take her daughter along with her. However, Kidman is optimistic that there will be more opportunities in the future.

The Eye Wide Shut actress and her country crooner husband have spent quality time with the family in Australia. The family is currently living there so that Kidman can shoot for the series Nine Perfect Strangers. . Urban has recently come up with his album titled The Speed of Now Part 1.


The couple makes it a point to be with their children as much as possible. They are lucky to get help from her mom Janelle and sister Antonia. Both her daughters are overjoyed to spend time with their extended family. Nicole Kidman explained that it is a big help instead of in Nashville, where they do not enjoy that kind of support.

Nicole Kidman mentioned that one of them is always there to keep company with their children. For instance, she worked late at night when her husband had gone to Nashville. She simply had to call up her sister and the latter moved in with them along with her own children.


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Kidman feels that people have to take the support of their extended families and bring up each other’s children together, Hello Magazine! reports. It has become highly relevant amid the current global health crisis.


The actress met her husband for the first time 15 years ago. The 53-year-old actress recollected their initial courtship period and described her 52-year-old husband as a “protector.”

Kidman parted ways from Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise in 2011. The actress was in conversation with Marie Claire when she revealed that Urban just came into her life and protected her.

Nicole Kidman gushed that Keith Urban had given her confidence and made her extremely comfortable. The actress also said that her husband is an extrovert while she happens to be an introvert.






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