Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer Dating Rumours +details

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have worked together for a long time. There have been rumors that the two of them want to date each other.

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Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer’s onscreen characters Ross Gellar and Rachel Green were an item on the hit series Friends. There have been rumors that the two of them could have had more than a platonic relationship in their real life. 

A magazine purported two years ago that David Schwimmer wanted Jennifer Aniston to be back in his life. However, a pertinent question is whether the duo was in a relationship in the first place or not. 

The tabloid further insisted that Schwimmer wanted Jen to be back in his life as he is now separated from his wife. An unnamed source, reportedly, told the outlet that the actor had always adored and loved Jen.  


The dubious source also contended that Schwimmer has been constantly texting and calling his former co-star after she parted ways from Justin Theroux. The tipster claims that all his fellow cast-mates approve his plan. It seems even they want to see Jennifer Aniston and him together. 

However, a representative for Schwimmer told the two of them were never romantically involved in the first place. As far as Schwimmer is concerned, the actor was seen with his estranged wife Zoe Buckman at the beginning of this year, Daily Mail reports. 


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The same publication once again claimed in 2019 that the duo was romantically involved. Jen had posted a picture of herself along with her fellow cast-mates on Instagram, which sparked off a rumor that the duo has become close to each other once again. 


Another enigmatic source mentioned that the American Crime Story star had revealed to his co-stars that Jen was his the woman for him for many years now. The insider added that his friends felt David Schwimmer should share his feelings with Jennifer Aniston.

The sequence of events had an uncanny resemblance to one of the episodes of Friends. It was an episode when Schwimmer’s onscreen character Ross finally expressed his emotions to Rachel. However, a representative of Jen dismissed the report as ridiculous. 

Another publication insisted that the duo had been in a secret relationship while shooting for their hit series Friends. However, even this seems to be a tall tale as Jen had been dating Pitt since 1998. It also means that she was in a relationship with the Troy actor for a major portion of the time she shot for the sitcom, Gossip Cop reports. 


The magazine still claimed that Schwimmer and Jen were in a “passionate” romance for around four years when they filmed the iconic TV series. An insider claimed that the pair kept their romance under the wraps because they thought their roles would get affected otherwise. 

The million-dollar question is how two stars of the stature of Jen and Schwimmer could hide their romance for so long. It is quite difficult to rely upon such a report as Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have repeatedly communicated through their respective representatives that they did not date while shooting for Friends.




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