Is Jennifer Aniston planning to leave Hollywood? +details

Did Jennifer Aniston want to quit acting after working in an unnamed film, which left her tired and drained? Read this to know more.

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A magazine in one of its recent reports states that Jennifer Aniston feels drained and is leaving Hollywood. 

Jennifer Aniston had recently opened up about how she had been contemplating leaving showbiz for the last couple of years. A magazine contended that she is fed up and plans to quit acting. 

However, the content of the article simply exaggerates what the Friends alum said in her interview. The narrative mentions Jen stating that a particular assignment has left her “drained.”




It was an interview where Jennifer Aniston, reportedly, mentioned that a certain role made her so exhausted that she doubted whether “acting” was something that still interested her or not. 

The actress did not divulge the film’s name while speaking to the host but did mention about her fatigue after shooting for it. She stated the project was an unprepared one.


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The magazine does not stop here. It then insists that Jen, allegedly, changed her mind after she got the script for her popular series called The Morning Show. So, even though she went through a bad experience recently, the actress thought that she should not refuse the role and decided to stick to showbiz. 

The headline of the article claims that the actress plans to quit the showbiz. The Jennifer Aniston did say while being interviewed in the podcast titled Smartless that leaving acting was something that she had contemplated briefly after working in the unnamed project.




However, the actress has not left acting contrary to what the tabloid seems to have been insinuating. Jennifer Aniston is not planning to take a break from Hollywood any time soon, according to Gossip Cop

The tabloid that published this report has not been reliable and consistent while publishing stories about Jen. A couple of years ago, the same tabloid said that Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh called Jen “mommy.” 

The outlet had also claimed that Pitt and Jen have reunited and reignited their romance. It is a storyline, which has been corrected several times in the past. The report also purported that Aniston has become excessively close with Shiloh. 

However, the story was made up as nothing of that sort took place. The same magazine also contended that the former power couple of Hollywood went to Paris on a honeymoon. 




While the exes have themselves clarified that they are simply good friends now, the magazine claimed that they got married at the 50th birthday bash of the actress. It is obvious that the article lacks any clear insight into Jennifer Aniston.





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