Angelina Jolie's request for removal of the judge was rejected+ details

Angelina Jolie was unsuccessful in having the judge removed from her and Brad Pitt’s divorce fight.Brad Pitt’s Team Has Won This Round Of Battle?

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Angelina Jolie’s demand to remove her and Brad Pitt's Judge John W. Ouderkirk has been rejected. Ouderkirk is in charge of the contentious divorce proceedings between the former power couple of Hollywood.

The Maleficent actress had previously insisted that the judge who had got her and the Troy actor married in France in 2014, did not divulge his professional and business relationships with the actor’s legal team. So, she did not believe it would be “fair” for him to continue with their lawsuit.




An insider claimed that Ouderkirk would still be in charge of the divorce proceeding between the 56-year-old Hollywood heartthrob and his 45-year-old former wife.

Pitt’s legal team alleged Angie in August this year of purposely using delay tactics to prevent a speedy resolution of their long divorce battle. They stated so after she filed her request to oust Ouderkirk from the case.

However, Jolie retaliated through her legal counsel who mentioned that she simply wanted to ensure that the trial was fair and none of the two parties got any kind of special favor. Samantha Bley DeJean, her lawyer, claimed so in a statement given to Us Weekly.




The statement further mentioned that litigants can only have faith in the process if it is impartial and transparent. Meanwhile, a source told the same publication that the lawsuit is in a state of “total impasse”.

On the other hand, Brad Pitt responded to Angelina Jolie’s filing by claiming that she was using a “Hail Mary” strategy. It is a term used in American football to refer to someone purposely trying to delay a game.

The actor’s legal team has accused the Salt actress to have made a “tactical gambit” so that matters get further delayed. The team added that it would be the litigants’ kids who would be eventually hurt by this delay.

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The former couple had split in 2016, which ended their two years of marriage and a 12-year-old relationship. They share six children together.

Angie had mentioned in her filing that the judge did not make timely compulsory disclosures of his ongoing professional and business relationships with her former husband’s legal team.




Jolie had also stated in her request that these were a kind of “repeat customer circumstances,” which create apprehensions and uncertainties about the ability of a private judge who is being privately-compensated to remain unbiased.

However, Brad Pitt’s team responded to these charges by claiming that Angelina Jolie was already aware of the judge’s acceptance of additional engagements, which involved their client’s team, Daily Mail reports. It seems that she did not object to Ouderkirk's involvement in their proceedings until recently.





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