Selena Gomez Admits fear of rejection from great artists + details

Selena Gomez admitted that she is still dealing with a multitude of insecurities,despite all her recent album success.

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Selena Gomez released her 2020 Rare album which the former Disney star recently described as “opening and finally putting to rest a chapter in her life.” The record is probably one of Gomez’s most vulnerable pieces of work and arguably her best. Tracks like “Look At Her Now” and “Lose You To Love Me” have especially touched the hearts of her fans. Despite all her recent album success, the star admitted that she is still dealing with a multitude of insecurities. One of them pertaining to her fear of asking other big-name stars for features on a song. Who would’ve thought that the former child-star-turned big-time musician would have a problem asking a simple favor from her friends in the music industry?


Selena Gomez Says That Rare Is Her Own Personal Diary


Selena Gomez Says That Rare Is Her Own Personal Diary

Exposing our true inner selves to the world can be an intimidating task. Most people don’t really show all sides of themselves, especially the ugly parts. Though plenty of artists this year have been brave enough to bare their heart to the world and received immense praise for their courage. It’s been five years since Selena Gomez produced her 2015 album Revival. The star took a long hiatus, though it was anything but a joyride.

The Look At Me Now singer went through two public breakups, suffered emotional abuse from her famous ex Justin Bieber, has been combating depression and anxiety, and her most traumatic experience came after getting a kidney transplant to treat her Lupus. To help deal with all the painful experiences, Selena Gomez finally made the decision to get closure and heal through her 2020 Rare album.

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During an interview with NPR’s Lulu Garcia Navarro, the star admitted “I've had the most horrible things said to me, said about me, and being exposed to way too much.” Despite all her worst moments in life, Gomez notes that her 2020 album—especially when discussing her track “Vulnerable”—helped her discover that there is strength in showing pain. “I shine the most within when I'm sharing my story with someone, or when I'm there for a friend, or when I do meet someone,” the star told Navarro. The 28-year-old has hit some pretty huge roadblocks but she’s clearly come out on the other side, stronger than ever.


How A Song Feature With Kid Cudi Nearly Scared The Star



With Selena Gomez having her first No. 1 album of the decade, we’d think the star would have a little more confidence in her artistry. The 28-year-old has always maintained a steady presence in the music industry but after the release of her new 2020 Rare album, she’s reached new heights. Though the star admitted to Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that she has a major fear of facing rejection from big-name artists, especially those she looks up to in the music industry. Gomez revealed that she originally hadn’t planned on having any features on the 2020 album but ultimately changed her mind. One of those features included rapper Kid Cudi, whom Gomez has described as a “pure genius.”

Gomez gave a rather interesting account of how her team sent the rapper the hook for her track A Sweeter Place without her permission, which ultimately terrified the star. Luckily, it had a happy ending, as Kid Cudi liked the demo for the track her team sent and did his verse. Gomez even told Spotify “he turned the song into something unbelievable . . . It was nothing when I sent him the song.” Pretty harsh criticism on her work, given that collectively her entire album is one of her most impressive pieces of her discography. Despite the terrifying experience, the 28-year-old won over her idol in the end and produced one of the most personal tracks on the album.


Kid Cudi Introduces Selena Gomez To Old School Female Artists


Kid Cudi Introduces Selena Gomez To Old School Female Artists

Not only did Selena Gomez and Kid Cudi’s collaboration turn out better than expected, but it also led to a blooming friendship. The 28-year-old further told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that “she feels as though she’s known the artists all her life” after introducing her to old school female rappers like Da Brat, Missy Elliot and Eve. Gomez notes that she has a whole new appreciation for the rapper, as she noted that he has “incredible taste” in music. The singer was so honored to have worked with one of the most influential rappers of our time.

Hopefully, her collaboration with Kid Cudi will give Gomez more confidence in asking for features from her idols. After all, plenty of young and new artists have gotten the chance to work with legends like Beyonce and Elton John. Selena Gomez has peaked in her music career and is clearly ready to take on more challenges.





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