Amid confirmation of the US President Corona virus:

Cardi B Mocks Trumps Anti-Mask Stance +photos

Cardi B is joining millions of other people who feel like Donald Trump is currently eating his words.

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Cardi B 's joining millions of other people who feel like Donald Trump is currently eating his words, after recently testing positive for COVID-19.

It's pretty tough for anyone to deny that Donald Trump is having to retract from his previous commentary about the Coronavirus. After continuously downplaying the seriousness of the virus, and not taking the pandemic seriously enough, the time has come for Donald Trump to face the music, and he's facing it in a very public way.


The man that despised the use of masks and publicly declared that it would make him look "weak" and that they were "completely unnecessary" is now suffering the consequences. Cardi B won't let him off the hook without smearing the irony in his face at least once more.


Donald Trump Should Have Worn A Mask

Cardi B didn't have to preface this post, she just got right to the point on it, and boldly made a mockery out of Donald Trump for not wearing his mask. As the leader of the United States of America, his citizens look to Trump for guidance and rely on him to relay accurate messaging about safety - especially during a pandemic. Sadly, his messaging has heavily denounced the requirement to wear masks. Cardi B is not going to miss this opportunity to shine the light of his failure in Trump's face, and sharing his inadequacies with the 14.7 fans she has following her on Twitter.




Offset not that upset about Cardi B. filing for divorce +photo


Mask Regrets

Cardi B has spoken out against Donald Trump many times before. She's clearly not a fan of his, nor does she feel he's a worthy leader. She's been vocal about the fact that she believes Trump perpetuates racism and has even attacked Candace Owens for aligning with him. Cardi B has even lashed out against Melania Trump recently.

This time, she doesn't have to do much to smear his image, he's doing a great job of doing that all by himself. Trump's very public, very repetitive anti-mask messaging has taken hold of every news headline, acting as a shining example of why he has currently tested positive for the Coronavirus.


It was merely 3 days ago that Trump mocked Biden's mask-wearing habits, and the list of references he's made against wearing masks is a long one.

Trump is 74 years old, and Cardi B is thinking what we're all thinking today... "bet you wanna wear a mask now."





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