Miley Cyrus Teases 'Heart Of Glass' And Paris Hilton Is Her Number 1 Fan +pics

Fans are desperately refreshing their screens in anticipation of Miley Cyrus's fresh, new music, and Paris Hilton shows how much of a fan she is.

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If you love Miley Cyrus, you're going to absolutely love this news. She has just blasted a huge teaser on Instagram, letting fans know that her new single titled Heart Of Glass is coming soon. It's set to release soon, but it's never soon enough.


Within seconds of posting a teaser to this hot new tune that fans simply can't wait to hear, Paris Hilton instantaneously replied with four fire-flame emojis to express her excitement.


Miley's Teaser

When Paris Hilton instantly responds to new music, it must really mean "that's hot," and her fire flames add to her signature catchphrase. Fans can't wait for this single to drop.


Miley is teasing this song pretty hard, and fans are glued to her social media account in hopes of being among the first to hear this hot new tune. Paris Hilton's excitement has added to the build up in a huge way, and Miley's blatant tease is almost too much to bear.

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"Should I drop Heart Of Glass on streaming" is the caption next to her cover image of the single. Fans want this, and they want it now.


Fans Want This Now!

Miley Cyrus took to the stage to perform Heart Of Glass on the iHeart Radio Music Awards, and fans responded favorably to it immediately. They want access and they want it now. It's hard to be teased to this degree. Fans have decided they love the song and need to have it, and Miley has certainly done her part to generate fan interest.

Covering the Blondie song was a huge risk-taking move for Cyrus to make. This was one of Blondie's iconic hits and there was a risk in taking this bold step. While some artists can pull this off, others have tried and failed when covering such a significant tune that had such a big impact on the world of music.


Everything Miley touches turns to gold, and it appears that she has nailed it with her rendition of this cover song. She successfully channelled her inner Debbie Harry and it seems that fans can't get enough.

It's to be expected that fans would take to the comments section with praise and positive feedback to affirm the fact that they do in fact want access to this tune. However, there was one comment that was a real eye-catcher and truly captured the significance of this release. iHeartRadio's reps were quick to respond by saying; "Miley I haven’t stopped thinking about this cover! Pleaseeeeee

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