Kim Kardashian's strange fear of spiders + info

Kim Kardashian west has a fear of spiders which is clinically called arachnophobia.

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Well honestly if I were Kimberly my reaction would have been the same to my daughter asking me to get her a tarantula as a pet! Safe to say Kim Kardashian is every other girl out there. Keep reading to find out how Kim tried to cancel the situation when her 7-year-old demanded to bring home a spider. 


  • Kim Kardashian west has a fear of spiders which is clinically called arachnophobia.
  • She has four kids North, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint.
  • Her oldest daughter wishes to buy a tarantula which Kimberly says is not going to happen until they are under the same roof!



In the latest episode of KUWTK, a hilarious situation came to light when North West expressed her love for spiders. In fact, she insisted on buying a tarantula as a pet for herself. Now only the oldest viewers of the show could recall Kims relationship with even the tiniest spider!

To keep it clear, spiders freak the hell out of Kim. She has arachnophobia but you know you can’t say no to kids right on their faces, not the reality star at least.


So she goes out for help to her sister Khloé whom she explains how a lady who owns a pet store near the school betrayed Kim and despite a special request of frightening her 7-year-old of tarantulas, she went on glorifying them.

Kim says Northie cant have spiders until they are under the same roof!

The mother of True, who wants to support North while also help her sister conquer her fear thinks of a strategy to handle the scenario wisely.

On the other hand, the 39-year-old wife of Kanye has a bunch of ideas, to distract her daughter from her obsession, like lying to North that people die of tarantula bites!


Whether Kardashian will overcome her fear for the sake of her daughter or North will have to sacrifice her love and wish for her mom? We will have to wait for the episode to conclude that!

We can’t deny that if it was any of us instead of Kim, we would have freaked out at our kids for even thinking about such a wish. Anyways we hope the socialite is able to overcome her phobia and if she doesn’t then Northie might have to drop the idea of owning a spider!







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