Angelina Jolie Maintained A Distance From Her Co-Stars While Shooting For ‘Girl Interrupted’?+ details

Angelina Jolie has always been a fan of method acting. Because of this, she can fully morph into her characters even after the cameras stop rolling.

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Angelina Jolie received great critical accolades for her acting in the film Girl Interrupted. However, if reports are to be believed, she was not exactly pally with her co-stars on the sets of the film.

Girl Interrupted had its premiere around two decades ago. It narrates the tale of some women who are admitted into a mental institution and are struggling with their mental illness. 

The film had an excellent star cast and included famous names such as Whoopi Goldberg, Brittany Murphy, Elisabeth Moss, and Winona Ryder. However, Jolie stole the show with her extraordinary performance in the film. 


Angie played the role of a cruel sociopath called Lisa Rowe in the movie and was incredibly dedicated to her part. Perhaps, it was because of this reason why she was not so social with her other co-stars while shooting for the movie. 

She spent so much time making sure that her portrayal of the character was immaculate that had issues getting along with the other actors on set. It was Ryder who produced this outstanding film based on a book with the same name.

She was convinced from day one that the role of Lisa Rowe was meant for Jolie. Ryder was first asked to play the role as she was an established actress in Hollywood by then. On the other hand, Jolie was a relatively unknown face then. 


Yet, the Tim Burton actress was confident that Jolie could play the role to perfection. She was not at all upset when Jolie walked away with all the film’s glory. Angelina Jolie was even awarded an Oscar for it in the category of the Best Supporting Actress. 

Ryder opened up to Us Weekly once and confessed that there was a time when she was asked whether she was interested to play Lisa’s character or not. However, she said she wanted to portray the part of Susanna. 

She did not resent Jolie’s success even when many of her fans felt bad for her. Ryder said she knew all along that Jolie would do complete justice to the role and felt proud and happy. 

Meanwhile, Jolie has always been in favor of method acting. Angie gets so engrossed into her characters that she often forgets that the cameras have stopped rolling. However, it also meant that her co-actors saw her in the careless personality of Lisa Rowe even after the director completed a shot with her. 

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For instance, Ryder recollects her disillusionment when Jolie maintained a distance from her while shooting. The Black Swan actress had initially thought they would be great friends, which did not happen eventually. 

Even the late actress Brittany Murphy was once speaking to Angelina Jolie offset when the latter asked her why she has been taking to her. When the actress asked whether they can take a break or not for a little while, the Salt actress simply smiled and walked away, Showbiz Cheat Sheet reports.








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