Demi Lovato admits she is ‘shattered’ in her new breakup song after Max Ehrich Breakup+ pics

American singer Demi Lovato has broken her silence following her split fiancé Max Ehrich through her freshly-dropped breakup song.

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Demi Lovato releases a new song 'Still Have Me' that sings about her breakup with ex-fiance Max Ehrich.

On Sept. 30 (Wednesday), the fans and supporters of the American singer and Disney alum Demi Lovato was stunned with the singer tweeted in the wee of the morning an emotional tweet that reads: “Music is always there for me…song in the am.”



Demi Lovato made known a new song

Having that said, Demi dropped her new song titled Still Have Me, her first music entry since her team up with producer-DJ Marshmello and also her first since she and former fiancé Max Ehrich called their engagement quits.

“I’m a mess and I’m still broken / But I’m finding my way back / And it feels like someone’s stolen,” part of the lyrics sings. Demi then belted out the saddening words of the feeling having all the light she ever had disappeared suddenly.


Furthermore, Demi sings of another line that exclaims she was shattered, and how all her “highs” are now “lows.” However, the singer backed the words by singing everything that happens doesn’t matter now because she’d rather be alone.

The certain lines from the song simply depict the singer’s current life stature is in ruins, but despite the struggle and pain, she had to pave the way for herself to look on the brighter side.


Max Ehrich discuss about his breakup with Demi Lovato +pic


Demi-Max breakup

Still Have Me is believed by many is a track that sings about the Tell Me You Love Me singer’s split with Max, after being together for the past six months. Despite the short duration of dating each other, the Young and the Restless actor had asked Demi’s hand for marriage, leading for the duo to announce their engagement.


However, in a report by PEOPLE, the all-star couple has made the most challenging decision of their lives right now to continue living in separate ways so they could focus more on their careers.

And just hours after the shocking news broke, Tan France of Queer Eye shared a video clip of the singer on his personal Instagram account. In the said video clip, the singer is seen goofing around and laughing in front of the camera.

Neither Demi, nor Max, has issued an official statement about their split, but the actor had shared contents on his Instagram Story that answers all the fans’ questions.

The former couple has announced their engagement via Instagram in July. Demi posted a photo with a lengthy caption, publicizing their wedding plans. For the time being, the post has been deleted by Demi.






Max Ehrich discuss about his breakup with Demi Lovato +pic

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