Jessica Alba shares shocking experience with ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ cast +pics

Jessica Alba, who is well-renowned for her role on Dark Angel, disclosed a dark secret about Beverly Hills 9210 and its cast.

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Jessica Alba revealed details of the reality TV show that doesn't have left the actress with fond memories. The 39-year-old actress who appeared on the famous teen drama, Beverly Hills, 90210 claimed that the creators asked the actress to not look into the eyes of any co-star.

The actress said that eye contact was completely forbidden on the sets of the show that was star-studded with many teenagers. She revealed how difficult it became for her to shoot while following this "strange" rule.


"On the set of 90210, I couldn’t even make eye contact with any of the cast members, which was really strange when you’re, like, trying to do a scene with them,” the actress said. Alba recently appeared on Hot Ones on Oct.1, where she disclosed details of her guesting appearance.

The actress told Sean Evans, host of the chat show that if anyone makes eye contact with the star members then the person is likely to be thrown out of the set. Back in 1998, the actress appeared on the teenage show for two episodes as a pregnant teen and portrayed Leanne's character.

Her episode appeared in eight seasons of the show as she worked with Jennie Garth who portrayed Kelly Taylor, and Jason Priestley, who portrayed Brandon Walsh on the series. The show ran for 10 seasons for 10 years, which was quite popular among teens at that time.

The original cast members include Gabrielle Carteris who played Andrea Zuckerman, Shannen Doherty played Brenda Walsh, Tori Spelling performed Donna Martin's character while Brian Austin Green portrayed David Silver and Ian Ziering who did Steve Sanders' part besides Garth and Priestly.


The members came together for BH90210 in 2019, which was considered a reboot series.  However, Luke Perry died in the same year who played Dylan McKay's character and the show was never renewed. Carteris revealed in an interview that BH90210 was not canceled but it didn't work out with the audience.

Although the 59-year-old actress revealed that the creators are talking about the show and there might be something for the fans in the future. Carteris teased fans that the show was incredible and it won't die just like that.

Spelling also opened up in another interview and said that fans have signed the petition for season two and they might get one. The 47-year-old actress further said that the who is yet to be "picked up" and the second season will introduce more beloved characters.






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