John Cena’s Love For BTS And The BTS Army Cannot Be Contained + pics

With K-pop superstars BTS set to perform on that same episode, John Cena couldn't help but gush over the band and everything about them

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The extreme element of liking between South Korean boy band BTS and WWE superstar John Cena isn’t hidden from the world. BTS guys have expressed their obsession over the 'Trainwreck' star on multiple occasions.

First of all, it’s important to know that John Cena is the first celebrity to be back on 'The Toning Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' in-person since the coronavirus hit the world bad earlier this year in March. Not only that, but the wrestler-cum-actor was honored to be the guest during BTS’ weeklong takeover.


John Cena made an appearance on 'The Tonight Show' to promote his new children’s book titled 'Elbow Grease Fast Friends.' However, not long after, the conversation entirely drifted off to Cena’s love for the K-pop band. Cena open-heartedly hyped up the boy band and their army of loyal and incredible supports.

As per Cena, his love for BTS goes much beyond their style, composition, and music. The actor is totally spellbound by what BTS is as a group of people –they are kind doing tremendous charity with the help of the BTS army to elevate the society, which is truly incredible about them, Cena thinks.

Cena who has also had a brief and fine career as a rapper/singer comprehends very well what it’s like to be on the stage and flick the magic – the responsibility, hopes of fans, and everything related to that. That answers exactly why Cena is crazy for BTS – the respect and love are mutual.


During an interaction with BTS, Jimmy Fallon had asked the BTS about a celebrity in Hollywood that they would like to meet – the answer was unanimously John Cena. The BTS members may want to take a moment to savor every word of praise Cena has said about them.  The BTS and Cena pairing may be the hottest for the year. They have never met each other in-person, as the BTS is busting records over records, it seems the rightest hours for them to meet and greet each other.

Previously on 'The James Corden Show,' Cena had stated that his favorite members from the group were RM and J-Hope. He also told his fellow guest on the show, January Jones, that she was incredibly fortunate to have met the South Korean group.

In 2018, Cena humorously posted a tweet stating that he was all the time with the BTS as their bodyguard, but they could not see him, of course.






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