Brad Pitt's refusal to star in "The Matrix" cost him $ 250 million

Brad Pitt's Decision to Pass on 'The Matrix' Cost Him A Whopping $250 Million.

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Brad Pitt's refusal to star in "The Matrix" cost him $ 250 million.The Matrix not only transformed the fate of action films forever but also helped in shaping the career of its lead actor Keanu Reeves. However, his role was initially offered to Brad Pitt who incurred a substantial financial loss by refusing the offer. 

The Matrix has been one of the most popular action franchises in the history of Hollywood films. Pitt did not require the film to establish his career at that time. He began his acting career on television in the eighties, according to IMDb


The Hollywood heartthrob was seen in multiple popular TV shows including 21 Jump Street, Growing Pains, and Dallas. However, his breakthrough role came as a young lover in the film Thelma and Louise. 

Soon, the Hollywood A-lister was seen in a string of successful movies. Pitt acted with some of the most established Hollywood stars from Kalifornia to True Romance and Interview with the Vampire. 

It was only in the mid-nineties when the actor started getting meatier roles that helped him to showcase his acting skills instead of his proverbial good looks and charm such as 12 Monkeys and Se7en. After Pitt acted in a film called Fight Club in 1999, he rose to the ranks of Hollywood A-listers. 


Two decades have passed since then and Brad Pitt is still a name to reckon with in Hollywood. He was widely acknowledged for acting in popular films like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which also fetched him an Academy Award. 


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Pitt has not only been a popular actor but also a successful producer, which has brought him a lot of wealth and wide recognition. However, he might have made a major blunder in the nineties by refusing to act in The Matrix on both these fronts. 

Similar to Will Smith, he was approached for the lead role because of his star power at that time. Yet things did not work out and Pitt passed on a role, which could have transformed his career forever. 


He acknowledged in an interview that he passed on the offer. However, the actor was at his philosophical best and felt that the role was never his. It was meant to be portrayed by someone else according to the actor. 

The film could have not been the same had Pitt been in it instead of Reeves. Had the success of the movie lasted even with Pitt, the actor would have garnered a lot of wealth by moving out of his comfort zone. 

The Matrix went on to become a big hit and changed the way action films are perceived and Reeves had the good fortune to get a share in its revenue. It became an enormously lucrative movie for an actor in the history of Hollywood. However, even Brad Pitt continued to have his share of success, Showbiz Cheat Sheet reports.





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