Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Net Worth: Who Is Richer? + details

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are two of the most successful actors in Hollywood.Interestingly, both also have an incredible net worth, Who Is Richer?

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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt had separated in 2005 after being married for just five years. Both of them have been incredibly successful actors in Hollywood. Read the complete story to know who is richer between the two.

Even though they divorced each other many years ago, the limelight has always been on this former power couple of Hollywood. Apart from people getting curious to know whether they are reigniting their romance or not, fans also want to know who is wealthier between them. 


Pitt, as well as, Jen entered the industry quite young. The Hollywood heartthrob was seen for the first time in a Kevin Costner film titled No Way Out in 1987. However, his first major part was in the movie Thelma and Louise, according to Celebrity Net Worth


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The Hollywood A-lister was also seen in the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire where his co-actor was Tom Cruise. He gave a series of box office hits where he proved his versatile acting skills. He soon became one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. 


Brad Pitt produced and acted in a film in 2013 called World War Z, which made a business of $540 million globally. The actor-producer also launched a production company with Jen. They named the production house Plan B Entertainment

Their production house produced several movies including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Troy. Other films produced by the company include Ad Astra, Eat Pray Love and The Time Traveler’s Wife

Meanwhile, Jennifer Aniston had an illustrious career on television and was one of the lead actors of the iconic sitcom called Friends. The series became so popular that it lasted for 10 seasons while its lead actors continued to make big bucks because of syndication rights. 

Jen also earns from various celebrity endorsements and has been the brand ambassador for big names such as Aveeno, Eyelove, Emirates, and Smartwater among others. 


Apart from this, a separate report by Celebrity Net Worth reported that the 51-year-old actress got a salary of $1.25 million for each episode of The Morning Show, which is streamed on Apple TV. 

They are both successful in their rights. It is being said that the fortune of the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor is at the same level as the wealth of The Morning Show actress. 

Reports have it that Brad Pitt, as well as, Jennifer Aniston has an estimated net worth of $300 million each. The former couple still, reportedly, enjoys a cordial relationship and many of their fans are hopeful of them reuniting in the future.








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