Lady Gaga's '911' Music Video Is a Surreal Death Dream +photos

Lady Gaga announced that she would fulfill her promise to her beloved Little Monsters towards releasing the short film of 911.

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Lady Gaga recently announced that she would fulfill her promise to her beloved Little Monsters towards releasing the short film of 911. On Sept. 18, the 34-year-old multi-talented singer made known the dramatic music video of 911 that made Gaga suffer the verge of dying.

Despite the track hailing from Gaga’s best selling new album entitled Chromatica, it carries the theme of experiencing and suffering a massive pain on various angles. Having that said, the chances of it being a dance anthem is relatively lesser compared to her previous releases like Rain On Me with Ariana Grande and Stupid Love.


But Gaga did not upset her beloved fans, as they let her experience the more artistic and creative talent.

In all-out storytelling by Hollywood Life, the music video kicks off in a desert, where Gaga woke from slumber while wearing a mask. She is surrounded by a disrupted bicycle, leading her to follow a cryptic rise. The chase made Gaga arrive on a New Mexican villa that is full of real ironies of images that come from a Salvador Dali or a dada fantasy.

The song ends with the Born this Way singer delivering a powerful and painful scream as she stands beside a medical stretcher. Then, the medical staff revived the life of Gaga. Later on, fans were able to come to their senses; the reason why she is being restored is that she was hit by a car.


Furthermore, 911 is a track that sings about the singer’s relationship with an antipsychotics medicine called olanzapine. “[It’s] because I can’t always control things that my brain does,” Gaga said during an exclusive interview with Zane Lowe from Apple Music in May.


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Instantly after Gaga made Chromatica available, a handful of music critics and fans noted 911 as one of the best tracks on the album. Rolling Stone highlights the album as a powerhouse dance track that sings of an in-depth lyric. Producer and musician BloodPop, who relatively worked with Gaga on the album, shared to the outlet how personal the track is to the singer by sharing what Gaga did on the day of recording.


Furthermore, 911 comes after Gaga’s intense performance at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards, where she took five trophies. The awards Gaga bagged are the Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Collaboration, Best Cinematography, and the first MTV Tricon Award.

She also teamed up with Ariana Grande for a Rain On Me performances while donning eccentric masks.









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