New BTS Album 'BE (Deluxe Edition)' Release In November+pics

BTS have announced the release of their new album “BE (Deluxe Edition)” slated for November 20.

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November is going to be a good month for the fans of the pop supergroup BTS as they have recently announced that they will be releasing their new album BE (Deluxe Edition) on that same month.

Variety reports that the group’s company, BigHit Entertainment, has announced the release of BE (Deluxe Edition), saying that the album brings with it a “message of healing.” With the new normal brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic, the album reported declares that life goes on.


The company also noted the group members' increased participation in this album. While members of the group have always participated in music production, BE (Deluxe Edition) has the members also involved in aspects like design, composition, and concept.

According to the released announcement, BE (Deluxe Edition) will have fans experiencing a “richer musical spectrum” as well as the most “BTS-ish” music yet. 


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As Billboard notes, the album comes after BTS achieved history on the Billboard charts by topping the Hot100 chart with Dynamite, making them the first Korean group to do so. The songs were at the top spot for two straight weeks and have been at second place for the past two weeks.

The music video for Dynamite has also been record-breaking, with the number of views on its first 24 hours amounting to 101.1 million, surpassing previous record-holder Blackpink.

The album announcement also comes just a few days after The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon announced a BTS Week.


Beginning Sept. 28, the show will have BTS on for the whole week, featuring them in sketches, interviews, as well as different performances for each day of the week. Dynamite will of course be part of the performances.

The last time BTS was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the group performed their single ON at New York’s Grand Central Station. Fallon was quoted as saying that the only way they would be able to top that was to have the band on the show for a whole week as a guest and performer.

Aside from BTS, Miley Cyrus also has the distinction of spending the whole week as a performer on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In 2018, Ariana Grande had the distinction of being the only guest for the episode. Meanwhile, Cardi B is the first celebrity to co-host the show alongside Fallon.

Before the announcement of BTS Week, the group had recently appeared on America’s Got Talent and performed on NBC’s morning show, Today.









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