Kate Winslet rejected playing alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in this movie + details

Why does Kate Winslet miss another chance to be onscreen with Leonardo DiCaprio?

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It might sound crazy that Kate Winslet would pass on an opportunity to work on a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. After all, 1997's 'Titanic' propelled them both to superstardom, and they enjoyed the journey together.

The story of how Kate and Leo became so close has always been a point of interest for fans. But it's also safe to say the two were pretty well cemented as besties after spending so many hours shooting (and re-shooting) scenes for the epic film.


Both were actors pre-'Titanic' of course, with Leo starring on 'Growing Pains' and wooing teenage fans. But as Buzzfeed recollected, Kate Winslet tracked James Cameron down post-audition to secure her role as Rose.

After choosing their stars, James Cameron and his crew took career-ending chances with the film, noted Buzzfeed. The $1 million-per-minute cost was considered a tragedy of its own, but Cameron was so moved by the story of the Titanic that he made it happen.

Producers were just as surprised as anyone else when the film made records (and billions).


After the success of 'Titanic' fans would have thought Kate Winslet would be happy to film with Leonardo again. The pair ribbed each other like siblings, noted Buzzfeed, taking turns relieving themselves in the pumped-in ocean water on the 'Titanic' set, and spending 20+ hours experiencing the sinking scene over and over again.

So, why wouldn't Kate Winslet want to star alongside Leo and relive their youth again (Kate turned 21 during filming, Leo turned 22)? After all, the pair starred in 'Revolutionary Road' together in 2008, and that seemed to turn out just fine (even if it wasn't a blockbuster).


As IMDb notes, Kate Winslet was the sought-after leading lady for 2010's 'Inception.' But she turned down the opportunity, saying that she 'couldn't see herself as Mal.' Marion Cotillard was cast in her place, and though the actress is also an award-winning starlet, fans wished Kate would have accepted the role.

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After all, the two make up one of 'Titanic' fans' favorite celeb friendships. Even though the pair have (apparently) never been romantically linked, their convincing 'Titanic' performance had hearts all aflutter.

The two might not hang out much anymore, what with Leo's being busy with his bachelor lifestyle. Now that he's settled down a bit with Camilla Morrone, maybe Kate and her husband Edward will get together more.


Odds are, Camilla won't mind rubbing elbows with Kate Winslet. After all, Camilla Morrone may never make it in Hollywood, but it's not for her lack of trying.

Then again, not many people seem to understand how close Kate and Leo are, or why they've kept in touch for so long since wrapping 'Titanic.' But as the pair have said in interviews, they both 'grew up' in the spotlight and bonded over their fame.

It's nice to have friends in high places!











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