Tom Cruise wants to meet Queen Elizabeth in UK,Monarch ruined him+ pics

Tom Cruise, allegedly, asked his staff to organize a meeting with Queen Elizabeth while he’s in the United Kingdom.

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Tom Cruise is currently filming for the upcoming Mission: Impossible sequel. And according to National Enquirer, the actor is a huge royal fan. As such, he tried to organize a meeting with the monarch but failed.

“Tom’s people contacted Buckingham Palace about arranging an audience with the queen. Tom is a huge royal fan. He got up early while in the US to watch Meghan’s marriage to Prince Harry and he’d love to visit the queen in private for a chat. But so far, no one from the palace has responded,” the source said.


The insider claimed that Cruise’s ego was hurt, but he’ll eventually move on from the queen’s snub.

“You have to remember that almost no one refuses the opportunity to meet with Tom. ‘No’ isn’t a word he’s used to hearing – and being ignored happens even less,” the source said.

But even if this is the case, the queen barely knows Cruise. And the queen is not one to meet with actors like him because she usually meets up with the heads of state.


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“He’d just be another American pipsqueak to her and, to be frank, Hollywood’s not exactly her favorite place at the moment. In Queen Elizabeth’s eyes, an actor is an actor. It takes someone of great accomplishment to get an audience with her. She’s accustomed to meeting heads of state, people who have selflessly devoted their lives to others in the name of charity, courageous people who have overcome life-altering disabilities or servicemen and women who have performed feats of bravery in conflict,” the source said.


Unfortunately, the insider doesn’t think that Cruise possesses any of those credentials.

Tom Cruise may have won many battles on-screen and portrayed a hero many times, but in real life, he cannot claim any of those qualities. It’s no wonder a request from his would-be politely put to one side,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the insider also claimed that Cruise’s time in the United Kingdom may be extended because the actor wants to relocate there.

“Tom is more active than ever in the church. His role is getting bigger and bigger. He wants to move to the UK permanently and has been looking at properties around Saint Hill Manor so he can be on hand and close by,” the source said.










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