Celebrity Weddings Cancelled Because Of The Coronavirus+ pics

Here are the Celebrity who've had to postpone their weddings due to the outbreak COVID-19 which include Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez and Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

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The quarantine hit everyone, celebrities included. And many of our favorite famous couples had to postpone their weddings for another time!

Spring and summer usually are seasons full of new life, new beginnings, and so many celebrity weddings. In a typical year, there is no shortage of famous couples walking down the aisle and saying, "I Do." This particular year has been like no other one that we have seen. The world has slowed to a near-stop as humanity fights off a pandemic, and so many common events, like celebrity weddings, have been replanned and reimagined. Some couples have pushed them back, way off in the future, while others have gotten creative in hoe they become Mr. and Mrs.

Some of the most famous pairs on the planet are staying happily engaged a little bit longer to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. From picture-perfect J-Lo and A-Rod to the expectant couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, here are some high profile lovebirds that have pushed their weddings back because of the current world situation.


Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Put Plans On Hold



One of the biggest wedding halts of the year is that of superstar Jennifer Lopez and her fiance Alex Rodriguez. The couple made serious headlines when they stepped into the public eye as a couple, and since then, they have merged their families into one beautiful blended brood and got engaged to be wed.

Lopez revealed to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that all the couple's wedding plans had been put into a holding pattern, just like the rest of the world's. While the wedding date is in question, one aspect of their big day is definite: this couple will be stunning when they become a married pair.


Emma Stone And Dave McCary Halted Production



Actress Emma Stone found her forever with SNL writer-director, Dave McCary. They were set to wed in March of 2020, but that month ended up being a doozy for the entire world. March was when the virus started to rapidly spread in the United States, forcing the couple to restructure their nuptials.

They decided to set all plans aside and agreed to wed at a later date. Thus far, the date of their future wedding hasn't been released, but many speculate that the two tied the knot in secret. Emma has been spotted wearing a gold band on her wedding finger in recent weeks.


Princess Beatrice And Her Fiance Scaled Things Way Back



When a member of the royal family ties the knot, it is a particularly grand event. Princess Beatrice was prepared to walk down the aisle and become a wife to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, but the event was significantly altered because of circumstances.

The May 29th date got pushed into late summer as the pair did become husband and wife in the latter part of July. Even though they did end up marrying, many accommodations and adjustments were made because of the pandemic. Only a small gathering witness the couple's vows, and all government guidelines were followed by everyone in attendance.


Kevin Wendt And Astrid Loch Are Waiting Things Out



Bachelor alumna, Astrid Loch has a lot going on these days, and that includes trying to plan her dream wedding in the middle of a pandemic. She and fiance Kevin Wendt were supposed to walk down the aisle in just a few months, but have decided that the best thing to do is to press pause.

As for a new wedding date, the couple is thinking that they will still get their November wedding, only theirs will hopefully take place in 2021, one year after the original wedding date.


JoJo Fletcher And Jordan Rodgers Feel That They Made The Right Decision



Bachelorette alumna JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers have been engaged for a pretty long time, and it looks as if they will be engaged for even longer now! They decided to commit their lives to one another back in 2016 on the infamous reality television show and were set to make things official this year.

Now those plans have been pushed in 2021, but the cute couple doesn't seem to be sweating things. They posted an adorable selfie looking very much in love on what would have been their original wedding day.


Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Didn't Say I Do This Summer



Katy Perry and her fiance, actor Orlando Bloom have had quite the busy few years. Besides Katy's continuously booming musical career, the pair decided to get engaged and are now set to welcome their first child together. Because of the pandemic that is sweeping the globe, the famous couple has now put their Japan wedding on the back burning twice!

Perry got engaged to Bloom last Valentine's Day. The original wedding ended up being postponed because the pair wanted to change up the location of the big day. Then along came the virus heard-round-the-world and the Japan wedding was also postponed. So when will Katy and Orlando become man and wife now? That is still up for debate. Katy is due to welcome the couple's little girl in the next few weeks, so there is a good chance that their new addition will take precedence over Wedding Try #3.






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