Who Is Joe Rogan's Wife? Here's Everything to Know +pics

Given that Joe Rogan’s wife is such a mysterious figure, it makes many of his most devoted fans want to know some basic information about her.

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Joe Rogan was born in New Jersey in 1967. Raised primarily by his mother, Rogan was very interested in sports and athletic pursuits as a young man, playing baseball and participating in taekwondo.

Given the fact that a lot of people think of celebrities as being somehow more important than the general public, it makes sense that so many of them date and marry each other. For example, long-lasting celebrity couples like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Kristen Bell, and Dax Shepard, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, or Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban make sense to people.

Of course, everyone knows that many stars have gotten involved with so-called regular people over the years. In many of those cases, however, the significant other in question finds their way into the public eye in one notable way or another. Despite all of that, some people that are married to massively popular stars opt to remain in the background.


A perfect example of a celebrity spouse that seemingly has no interest in being famous, very little is known about Joe Rogan’s wife of many years. Given that Joe Rogan’s wife is such a mysterious figure, it makes many of his most devoted fans want to know some basic information about her.


Rise To Fame

Born in New Jersy in 1967, Joe Rogan led a pretty normal life during his formative years. Then all of that changed once he began attending the University of Massachusetts Boston and became so disillusioned that he dropped out and eventually moved to New York City. After considering a career in kickboxing, Joe Rogan gave stand-up comedy a try in 1988.

After discovering that he had a passion for making audiences laugh, Joe Rogan began regularly working on his material while teaching martial arts to get by. After many years of hard work, Rogan managed to get the attention of the TV industry after he moved to Los Angeles. Opting to give acting a try fr the first time in the mid-90s, Rogan appeared in nine episodes of the Fox sitcom Hardball. Amazingly enough, the second acting role that Joe Rogan ever won turned out to be his big break as he starred in NewsRadio for 5 seasons.




Extending His Career

After Joe Rogan managed to pull off something that every actor in the world dreams of, starring in a hit sitcom, it seems he was far from content. After all, only a couple of years into Rogan’s NewsRadio tenure, he began working as an Interviewer for the UFC. While the UFC has become a big enough deal in the sports world that it is the subject of constant rumors these days when Rogan first began working with the company it was nowhere near as successful. Still, Rogan stuck with the company during its down era and remains a fixture of the commentary team more than 20 years later.

In addition to Joe Rogan’s acting and sports commentary careers, in 2001 he began working as the host of the hit show Fear Factor which was on the air for many years. These days, however, Rogan’s hosting career is more successful than at any other time in the past. After all, “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast is so popular that he licensed it to Spotify in 2020 and he reportedly made an estimated $100 million from the deal. If that deal wasn’t remarkable enough already, it is even more staggering considering the fact that Rogan has been at the center of many controversies during his career.



Joe Rogan’s Wife Of Many Years

Long before Jessica Ditzel met and married Joe Rogan, she attended California State University-Long Beach where she earned a bachelor’s degree in an unknown subject. Not content to give only a single career a try, in the past Ditzel has worked as a Rent-A-Car assistant, a product analyst for Volva Motorsports, a cocktail waitress, and a model. When it comes to Ditzel’s modeling career, she was successful enough that she was signed by EMI Model Management. These days, Ditzel is a producer in the entertainment business. Mainly focused on her husband’s projects, Jessica has worked on his podcast and many of his television and movie projects.

Said to have met Joe Rogan when she was working as a cocktail waitress, Jessica Ditzel became the famous comedian’s wife in 2009 and she has taken his last name. Before Rogan and Ditzel tied the knot, she gave birth to their first child together, a daughter named Lola. Currently the parents of three daughters, Joe is the adopted father of Ditzel’s daughter from a previous relationship, Kayja Rose and they had another child together in 2010, Rosy.

Despite the fact that Jessica Rogan stays out of the spotlight, the same can’t be said for her and Joe Rogan’s eldest daughter, Kayja Rose. Instead, Kayja who is her early-20s is trying to get a career in the music business off the ground as she hopes to become a successful R&B singer. Thankfully for both mother and daughter, the pair seem to have a very close relationship based on the many pictures that Kayja has posted with her mother in them on Instagram. While little is known about Jessica’s relationship with her other two kids, it seems safe to assume they get along just as well. Currently, in her mid-40s, the few glimpses the public gets into Jessica Rogan’s life make it seem like she is a very happy person.







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