Who Is Richer: Ryan Reynolds Or Hugh Jackman? +detail & pics

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have both done exceptionally well for themselves over the years, but Who Is Richer?

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Over the years, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have both been massive superhero stars, and they have managed to do quite well for themselves financially.

Before the MCU and the DCEU were trading punches at the box office, the first X-Men film would hit theaters and create a massive franchise at the box office. During this franchise’s run, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman would cross paths and begin one of the most hilarious friendships on the planet.

Over the years, Reynolds and Jackman have both been massive superhero stars, and they have managed to do quite well for themselves financially. It’s not easy being a movie star, but these two made it work and have fortunes that few come close to rivaling.

So, who has the bigger net worth between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman? Let’s crunch the numbers and see which hero reigns supreme!


Ryan’s $150 Million Fortune

Ryan Reynolds has been a massive movie star for some time, and his outlandish $150 million net worth has certainly made life comfortable for he and his wife, Blake lively.


While Reynolds has done some work on the small screen, it’s been his time in film that has truly been his bread and butter. Yes, Reynolds has had success in comedy flicks, but it was his time as the character Deadpool that really took things to another level, as both films in that franchise went on to be monumentally successful.

Another thing to keep in mind with Reynolds is the way Aviation Gin upped his net worth with the recent deal that it struck up, which wound up being profitable for the actor.

Being the face of Armani Code was yet another way that Ryan Reynolds was able to rack up a considerable amount of money, and back in 2019 he wound up purchasing a percentage of Mint Mobile, according to CNN.

Reynolds has never been one to shy away from an opportunity to expand his net worth, and things have clearly paid off over the years. While $150 million is a serious amount of money, his good friend, Hugh Jackman, has exceeded this over time.


Hugh’s $180 Million Is A Shade Higher

Not to be outdone by his friend and fellow Marvel hero Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman is someone that has been putting in serious work in the movie industry since 2000, and this has led him to amassing a net worth of roughly $180 million.

Hugh’s $180 Million Is A Shade Higher

For many, Hugh Jackman’s biggest role wound up being the one that generated a considerable amount of his net worth. Out of all of the people that appeared in the original X-Men film, Hugh Jackman is the one that stuck with the franchise the longest and he was rewarded handsomely for his efforts.

Elsewhere in his acting career, Jackman has also landed roles in huge projects like The Greatest Showman, Les Miserables, and in Van Helsing, according to IMDb. This showed that he was able to do a little bit more than just portray Wolverine.

Never one to be content with the work that he does in front of the camera, it should also be noted that Hugh Jackman has started his own production company, which has certainly gone a long way in helping him get a further reach in the movie industry.

Much like Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman has also been the face of ad campaigns, including a notable one for Mont Blanc, according to Gentleman’s Journal.

Interestingly, Jackman would embark on a series of live concert dates, flexing his performance abilities in front of a live audience, which is something that few A-list actors would ever consider doing.

Despite there being a difference in total net worth between these two, life is certainly going well for both of them.


Both Men Are Doing Just Fine

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have both done exceptionally well for themselves over the years, and their hilarious friendly feud has been funny to watch unfold.

Both Men Are Doing Just Fine

Neither actor has been able to refrain from taking friendly shots at each other in the media, and people that have been paying attention has been privy to some truly hilarious moments between the two actors. Naturally, because this has been going on for so long, there has been an increase in interest from fans to see these two tackle a big screen project together.

While both of them have appeared in Marvel movies together, people are interested in seeing something fresh from both of these men, and we imagine that whatever they whip up is going to be fantastic.

So, in the battle of net worths, Hugh Jackman does have Ryan Reynolds beat by roughly $30 million. As time goes on, it will be interesting to see how both of their net worths increased and to see if Ryan Reynolds can eventually close the gap.










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