Celebrities with secret talents +photos

Celebrities live under a microscope. Yet some of them have managed to hide a secret talent,Here are celebrities with a surprising hidden talent.

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Celebrities live under a microscope. Yet some of them have managed to hide a secret talent.

Although acting is a full time job, these three superstars have found time to develop some curious talents. Musicians, writers, dancers and knife experts. We have a wide menu to chose from.

  • Actors and actresses sometimes have to play roles that require certain skills. This is the case of Natalie Portman when she danced in Black Swan.
  • In order to get certain jobs they often have to be able to speak in other languages, like Viggo Mortensen who speaks fluently in 4.
  • Some other times they have to sing too. Ryan Gosling proved to be a great singer in La La Land. 

The three celebrities we chose for this top 3 hidden talents are very famous worldwide. They have played iconic characters in the big screen or TV. We may think we know everything about them, but we bet you didn't know this.


1. Angelina Jolie Is a knife acrobat. Lara Croft didn't have to learn how to handle a knife.

She was a knife acrobat way back before that.

The actress has a fascination for white weapons since she was 11 years old.

Angelina has a huge collection of knives some of them personalized and very expensive.


2. Hugh Laurie plays many instruments and is a bestseller book writer. He is famous for playing Doctor House. Even though, he doesn't know about medicine all the scenes where he played the piano in the series it was him!


Stewart Little's father plays the guitar, the piano, saxophone and more. He even went on tour with his band and rocked it.

But that is not it, he dared to write a book and it became a bestseller. 

3. Ryan Gosling Is a Carpenter. The actor is a heartbreaker and incredibly talented. He can make us laugh or cry and even fell in love with him.


In the movie The Notebook he learned the job and liked it so much that the table where they had the iconic love scene was built by him! Handsome and a handyman!









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