Who is John Travolta's Daughter ?+ pics

John Travolta’s daughter Ella Bleu Is all grown up and following in her famous Dad’s footsteps

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John Travolta’s daughter stars with him in a new movie, and wow — she’s definitely not a kid anymore!

Ella Bleu is now 19 years old. She’s following in her father’s footsteps by starring alongside him in a new crime thriller, The Poison Rose.

“I play the wife of a college football player who gets murdered, and I’m the prime suspect,” Ella explained to Extra.


This is only Ella’s second movie. Her first, Old Dogs, was also with her father. But that was back in 2009, when Ella was just a kid.

Now that she’s older and back on the big screen, Ella seems to be embracing the spotlight with open arms.

She recently started her first Instagram page, where she already has nearly 50,000 followers after just a few days.

“I’m so excited to be able to share my journey with you guys and connect with you guys,” she said in her first post.

She’s also been out doing press with her dad. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, she shared a hilarious and relatable dad story about John embarrassing her.

John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, have been married for 28 years. They have a daughter, 19-year-old Ella Bleu, and a son, 8-year-old Benjamin. The two also had another son named Jett, who tragically died in 2009 when he was only 16.

Over the years, Ella hasn’t been in the spotlight as much as her father. She’s appeared with her family at public events only occasionally, and she’s stayed away from social media.

In 2009, Ella acted in her first movie, Old Dogs, alongside her dad and mom.


This year, she and her father collaborated on their second joint venture, a film called The Poison Rose. The movie is a crime thriller about an ex-football star turned private investigator.

“This film is special to me because I had the pleasure of working with my daughter Ella!” John captioned the trailer he posted on Facebook.

John and Ella have been on the road promoting the movie, so she’s been in the public eye more than usual.

And at 19, she looks all grown up now. She is really the spitting image of her dad!

Ella and John appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. They chatted with the guest host, actress Lena Waithe, about the new movie and life in the Travolta family.

Ella revealed that her dad is like all other dads — sweet and well-meaning, but also prone to embarrassing you in front of your friends and your crush.


When she was younger, he accidentally mortified her in front of Twilight actor Taylor Lautner.

 “Taylor Lautner was coming over to the house and I loved him,” Ella recalled. “Team Jacob for sure. And my friends and were looking up pictures of him, just sort of, like, researching him. Like, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s coming!'”

 “And then Taylor gets there and his family as well, so I was researching about them too, just to learn,” she said. “Then, the first thing [my dad] says to them is, ‘Oh, Ella was just looking you guys up on the internet.'”

Yikes! John was quick to defend himself: “A father’s point of view is, you know, everybody loves Taylor Lautner, wouldn’t he be flattered that Ella’s looking him up?”

Ella also created her first Instagram page on Wednesday. She made an adorable intro post welcoming everyone to her page, and she seems to be getting the hang of things so far, posting stories and updates!


Naturally, John is continuing to be a total dad. He left an encouraging comment on her first post, because what else are parents there for if not to be your biggest cheerleaders on social media?

Aside from her new acting career, Ella is also active in the Church of Scientology, and her increased visibility has also extended to the church. She recently attended an awards ceremony at a Scientology holy site.

Now that Ella is stepping out into the spotlight, hopefully we’ll get to hear many more dad stories about John Travolta soon!






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