3 Fun facts about the First Emmy Awards+photo

The Emmy is an award given to the best of the best in American TV shows. Here are 3 Fun facts about the First Emmy Awards.

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The Emmy Awards are the ones that recognize excellence within various areas of television and other emerging media. Every year there are numerous Emmy events, each honoring one of the sectors of the television industry. The first one was on January 25, 1949, and there are some surprising facts about it. Keep reading to know more!


  • The Emmy Awards are one of the oldest ones, with 71 years of existence.
  • The 72nd Prime-time Emmy Awards are coming on Sunday, 20.
  • In 2019, the known series 'Games of Thrones' was the most awarded with 59 Emmys won



1. The first Emmys only costed $5 to attend. Can you even imagine that? Nowadays, only just each trophy costs $400, and the celebrities have to pay additional costs if they want to take the statuettes to their houses.


2. Only six awards were distributed at the beginning. The categories included 'Technical Award', 'Best Film Made For Television', 'Most Outstanding Television Personality', among others. Today, there are at least 33 categories.


3. A woman ventriloquist won the first Emmy. Yes, that's right, a woman ventriloquist! Her name was Shirley Dinsdale, and she starred with a puppet on the comedy 'The Judy Splinters Show'. Her prize was for the category of 'Most Outstanding Television Personality'.


Did you know all these incredible facts about the First Emmy Awards? We are really excited at the 72nd edition taking place this Sunday 20. Have you already set a reminder too?








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